Monday, January 26, 2009

Social Security Disablity Notices

What happens when the mail arrives....

The GAO and multiple advocacy groups have criticized SSA's notices. We know there are staffing problems, but a great deal of underpayment as well as overpayment of the agency's funds could be corrected with a willingness to examine and transform communication.

Recently the news from Anderson, South Carolina, published a fascinating article that tracks what may occur when and applicants and beneficiaries open their SSA notices.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ways and Means Committee - Subcommittee Assignments

Democratic Members of the Ways and Means Committee met to establish recommendations for subcommittee leadership and assignments for the 111th Congress last week. For Texas, we suggest the assignments look good. Congressman Lloyd Doggett – a long time advocate for SSA applicants and recipients is slated for service on the SSA Subcommittee. Congressman Doggett in addition to the Social Security Subcommittee, was recommended for positions on Health and the Budget Committee. As the only democrat from Texas to be recommended for these positions, we congratulate Mr. Doggett and believe this portends for a high standard of knowledgeable advocacy and oversight in the SSA disability process and matters concerning health and budget issues.